Your eyes hold me captive

Your lips, every word

I hang on to.

Your smile lights up my soul

Your touch,

Passion without bounds.

I need you,


(c) MiKeSuLLiVaN 2013

“Reaching… “

I reach across the miles
To hold and comfort you
Calm you and relax you
From the stress and worry
That plagues you
Breathe me in slowly my love
Savour my air in your lungs
Let my peace flow
Into you and around you
Embracing you
Loving you
As you should be loved
After all the disappointments
We’ve each had
It’s our turn for contentment now.

(C) MiKeSuLLiVaN



The truth is
I miss you.
I need you
More than perhaps
You’ll ever know
While we’re apart.
I need to hold you,
Your softness in my
Arms I crave.
You squeezing me tight
Never letting go.
Knowing you love me
Knowing you miss me
Is all I need to hear.
(C) MiKeSuLLiVaN

Judi Lynn


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