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Challenging Times Ahead – I like it!

Well Hello! This is the page where I get to tell you all about me. So where do I start? Given time constraints, and the patience of the reader, I’ll save you the boring details, plus, writing my autobiography online isn’t a thing I’d plan on doing anytime soon. I’ll just give you a brief outline of who I am, what I’ve done, where I’ve been and where I’m going. Not necessarily in that order.

The First Bit

Born in Oldham, Lancashire, UK, in 1962. Grew up (some say I’ve never done this but, hey). Went to school, learned stuff, forgot stuff then got a job after leaving.

I worked for 12 years in retail, ending up in a management role. I learnt many a valuable lesson in management techniques and stuff, including what business is all about, customer focus, customer relations etc. A valuable and Insightful 12 years. Then I joined the Military in 1989.

The Second Bit

Now why did I join the ranks? Actually, the 22 years I spent in the Royal Air Force was mostly very enjoyable. It also taught me a heck of a lot about life, and about me and my capabilities. It also taught me to be human, how to lead, and how to manage a variety of situations where thinking on your feet was paramount. I also saw a lot of stuff that I’d rather forget in various places. Unfortunately, the toll of Military life took it’s toll on my body. I have a spinal injury that had really messed my life up at one point. But as time went on, instead of seeing this injury as the end-game, it’s opened up a new chapter in my life and given me time to think of my future direction.

The “Now” Bit

I now have found an outlet for a gift I really didn’t know I had. I write poetry, inspired by Crissy, who has encouraged me, cajoled me and even ordered me (!) to write. I’m glad she did because through writing, my words have taken me to places I could never dream of. Writing (and Crissy) have given me a new meaning and direction in life. One I now live every day. Most surprisingly, people like my words, my poetry, and my pictures.

Being a photographer also, I am eventually combining the two disciplines into work I aim to publish, in soft and hard copy. This site will therefore become a showcase for all aspects of my writing and photography. ~ Please Note ~ This site is still being modified and may take a little time to get fully functional in the way I intend it to work. Your patience is appreciated! Thank you. MS.


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